It is known that influenza vaccine is the best way to protect people against influenza and prevent the spreading of the disease. Vaccination even resulted in reduced influenza symptom in the people infected by virus strains that vaccine did not contain.

Gproan VLP influenza vaccine is one of our pilot products using advanced baculovirus expression system combined insect cell vaccine production.  Gproan influenza VLPs elicit antibodies that recognize a broader panel of virual antigens compared to vaccines based on traditional generation methods.

Gproan VLP influenza vaccince was designed to present antigens in a similar manner to a virion which resemble viruses but do not include viral coding elements.  Our industrially well-established system using insect cell cultures has emerged to overcome the limitations of the traditional embryonated egg-based production system.  Gproan VLP vaccines provide quick onset and long-lasting protection while significantly reduce the potential risk.