At Gproan, the establishment of recombinant protein cloning and expression has resulted in lower price/unit charges of enzyme products that allows our customers to experience substantial savings, while benefiting from improved purity and consistency of product.

Gproan’s recombinant enzymes are manufactured to meet the rigorous quality control standards. Our recombinant enzymes are purified chromatographically to achieve a high percentage purity (greater than 90% purity). The DNA sequence of recombinant clones used for enzyme production have been verified to ensure that the recombinant enzymes have no mutations. Expression vector and strain background were carefully monitored to allow tight control over the production environment.

The yields obtained for our recombinant and overexpressed enzymes are significantly improved. Production of larger lots offers greater product consistency and less lot-to-lot variation. For example, the specific activity of Gproan’s Binuclease was meatured at ≥ 1000 kU/mg protein, which is much higher than any existing products (as much as 200%). If you are seeking the best value-priced Proteinase K and Binuclease, you need Gproan recombinant enzymes.

Our products are for basic research use and industrial purpose. Bulk quantities are available at low cost. Production can be customized to accommodate customer needs. We can package any bulk quantity specified by customer. Please contact  customer service for a price quote and availability.

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