Gproan has been devoted many years to developing innovative “Virus Like Particle (VLP)” vaccines to address the unmet needs in prevention of infectious diseases.  Gproan’s VLP platform technology allows for the production of enveloped virus-like particle (“VLP”) vaccines that precisely mimic the organization and conformation of target viruses to induce a effective robust immune response. VLPs highly resemble viruses occur in nature but do not include viral genome, yielding safer vaccine products.

Gproan is leading in the development pipeline of VLP vaccines with advanced baculovirus-mediated insect cell expression system for vaccine production. Baculovirus expression system(BVES) is a versatile expression system widely used for high level expression of board variety of mammalian proteins.  Baculovirus is capable of infecting more than 500 species of insects and cause no harm to human. Insect cell culture is easily handled in vitro and suitable for economical scale-up production. Those appropriate formulation and production process allow the delivery of optimal and safe immunization technologies.

Highlights of Gproan VLP platform and Vaccine products

  • virus-like particle vaccines closely mimic the surface antigen and structure of target viruses and demonstrate better titer effect than existing vaccines based on traditional vaccine generation methods. Our VLP vaccines can be administered at lower doses than other currently available vaccines.
  • Gproan is leading in insect cell culture production in China, which makes a cost effective and quick turnaround large-scale vaccine production possible.
  • Gproan’s advanced protein engineering technology to modify the natural virus protein offers high levels of antibodies and rapid onset of protection. Gproan can develope vaccines against virus subtypes that target specific population.
  • Gproan uses disposable equipments and materials to reduce time and cost.
  • Quick response:Gproan platform enables the development of vaccines in a much shorter time than using traditional method, which facilate preventative and therapeutic vaccines applications to sunden outbreak of new pandemic.

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