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Gproan makes every effort to support life science research and industry with innovative products and on-demand technical support. Our successful development and commercialization of premium recombinant enzymes and VLP vaccines benefit our customers by introducing substantial cuts in cost and improvements in product quality and purity. Gproan is proud of positive feedback we regularly received over years.

Please find the product of your choice by selecting one of our product categories:

Recombinant Enzymes

            Proteinase K

            Binuclease (Unrestricted Endonuclease)


VLP Vaccines

           HPV Vaccines

           Influenza Vaccines

           HFMD Vaccines

          Combined Vaccines against Hep C and E

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • We manage our products to the highest quality standards to ensure our customers achieve ultimate success.
  • We assure the quality of all equipment, materials, structures, components and systems utilized in the development and manufacturing procedures.
  • Our production comply with all relevant quality standards and regulations
  • Materials and final products are verified through independent inspections

On-demand Technical Support

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We genuinely care about your success.

We are responsive to your needs and wants.  Contact us today!